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July 2021

  • WOW Libros, a peer-reviewed journal of critical reviews on children's and adolescent literature published in Spanish, is now publicly available.
  • New issues of WOW Stories from UArizona College of Education are now publicly available.

June 2021

May 2021

April 2021

  • Wildfire-Driven Forest Conversion in Western North American Landscapes

    Coop, Jonathan D; Parks, Sean A; Stevens-Rumann, Camille S; Crausbay, Shelley D; Higuera, Philip E; Hurteau, Matthew D; Tepley, Alan; Whitman, Ellen; Assal, Timothy; Collins, Brandon M; et al. (OXFORD UNIV PRESS, 2020-07-01)
    Changing disturbance regimes and climate can overcome forest ecosystem resilience. Following high-severity fire, forest recovery may be compromised by lack of tree seed sources, warmer and drier postfire climate, or short-interval reburning. A potential outcome of the loss of resilience is the conversion of the prefire forest to a different forest type or nonforest vegetation. Conversion implies major, extensive, and enduring changes in dominant species, life forms, or functions, with impacts on ecosystem services. In the present article, we synthesize a growing body of evidence of fire-driven conversion and our understanding of its causes across western North America. We assess our capacity to predict conversion and highlight important uncertainties. Increasing forest vulnerability to changing fire activity and climate compels shifts in management approaches, and we propose key themes for applied research coproduced by scientists and managers to support decision-making in an era when the prefire forest may not return.
  • Engaging students with team‐based learning in courses taught at two campuses synchronously: Two case studies in health sciences

    Bender, Holly S.; Garrett, Kennon M.; Hostetter, Shannon Jones; College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Arizona (Wiley, 2021-06-16)
    This chapter describes two case studies that highlight how courses can be taught simultaneously in classrooms across partnering university campuses using the effective, evidence-based team-based learning (TBL) method. The objective is to assist faculty in effectively using TBL in a synchronous virtual collaborative space.
  • WOW Libros, Volumen 3, Número 1 (Primavera 2020)

    Worlds of Words: Center for Global Literacies and Literatures (University of Arizona), 2020
  • WOW Libros, Volumen 2, Número 1 (Primavera 2019)

    Worlds of Words: Center for Global Literacies and Literatures (University of Arizona), 2019
  • WOW Libros, Volumen 1, Número 1 (Primavera 2018)

    Worlds of Words: Center for Global Literacies and Literatures (University of Arizona), 2018

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