Academic Library Code of Ethics

About the Code of Ethics

I.  The privacy of library users is and must be inviolable. 

II.  The development of library collections in support of an institutionís instruction and research programs should transcend the personal values of the selector to contain materials representing a variety of perspectives on subjects that may be considered controversial.

III.  Open and unfiltered access to the Internet should be conveniently available to the academic community in the college or university library.

IV.  Whenever possible, library services should be available without charge in order to encourage inquiry.  Where charges are necessary, a free or low-cost alternative should be available when possible.

V.  A service philosophy should be promoted that affords equal access to information for all in the academic community with no discrimination on the basis of race, values, gender, sexual orientation, cultural or ethnic background, physical or learning disability, economic status, religious beliefs, or views.


Code of Ethics Recommendations: ALA 1995, ALA 1996, ACRL 2000

@2003 Shawn Nelson