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Ovid and OvidWeb Commands

Ovid -- text
Subject Search
Maps a word or phrase to a Medical Subject Heading.

Enter a single word or phrase on the command line, press <Enter>, and follow prompts for selecting subject headings and sub-headings.
Search for Authors
Search by last name and initials. Example:
piper d$
Search for Text Word
Won't find synonyms. $ is the wildcard. Example:
Unselect "Map Term" for title, abstract and subject words
To search for words in the title only
Search for Journal Titles
Type the first word or two of the journal. Example:
american heart
Search in any index field
Each part of a reference is a field -- author, title, journal name, abstract, ....
then I

Especially useful for institution or multiple field searching.
Limit Set
Restrict selected search results by a limit factor, such as human, English or other choices.
To select from the complete list of limits
Or else, select from the list of common limits :
Change Database
Run the search in another database.
Select from MEDLINE, CINAHL, IPA and many others
View Set
See the list of references for one of the searches.
Click on Display
Combine Sets
May type a command line. Example:
1 and 2
Use AND to reduce the number of references to those with both terms. Use OR to increase the number of references to those with any one of the terms.
To view the Ovid or OvidWeb documentation.
Switch between search modes
Select either basic and advanced searching.
then E

Citation Manager
To print, save to disk, or email search results.

Display / Print
Print the results of a search.
Control-PIn Citation Manager, select Citations, Fields, and Format, then from Action, click on Display. Click on the Netscape print button to send the output to the printer.
Send the results to an email address -- your own or a colleagues.
Control-BIn Citation Manager, select Citations, Fields, and Format, then from Action, click on Email. Fill in the Email form.
Email citations to: = where the results will be emailed.
All other lines may be ignored.
Save results to disk.
Control-B In Citation Manager, select Citations, Fields, and Format, then from Action, click on Save. Use the Save As dialog box to select which drive and what filename to give the results.
Exit / Logoff
Leave the system and clear your account.

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To start searching, select the text or graphical interface
Ovid -- text interface OvidWeb -- graphical interface

Mari Stoddard,
Spring 1998