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Simple Search

The Simple Search is a keyword search of NASA scientific and technical information. Simple Search differs from the Advanced Search because it is a general search and it searches only NASA information. Users do not need to use an "AND" between terms because the search automatically searches for ALL the terms in a search. Simple Search can be used to find:

Simple Search Examples
Advance Search

Advanced searching differs from Simple Search because there is no keyword searching. Users input search terms in one or more search fields to find information. Users do not need to use an "AND" between terms because the search automatically searches for ALL the terms in a search. Users can also choose to narrow/broaden their searches by selecting and de-selecting the information sources they are searching on. (see Searching for NASA and non-NASA information below)

Users create more accurate searches by searching on specific search fields:

Advanced Search User Options:

Search Operators

There are several operators to assist in expressing your query. These operators can be used in either the simple or advanced search interfaces.

Searching for NASA and non-NASA information

NTRS provides access to NASA information but it also collects scientific and technical information from organizations, institutions, universities, and other federal agencies with similar content. Users can select and de-select NASA Archives and Non-NASA Archives using the check boxes beside each site. By default only the NASA Archives are selected but users can select and de-select any of the NASA and non-NASA sites.

Select the databases you would like to search
NASA Archives Non-NASA Archives

Advanced Search Examples

1) Title and Author search:

2) Author and Date search:

3) Report Number/Journal/Conference search:


A Browse search retrieves all the records of a specific collection in NTRS. Only one collection is browsed at a time. To learn more about the different databases making up NTRS, go to About the NTRS collections.

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