Civil War & Reconstruction

History 436

Union & Confederate flags


Finding articles in newspapers and magazines

Full text including all images and maps of Harper's Weekly Magazine, 1857-1865. You can search by keyword in the "Index" or by occupation.

18th and 19th century newspapers in the University of Arizona Library
A listing of all 18th and 19th century American newspapers, including the dates the library owns and the microfilm or microfiche call number. All of these newspapers are located on the 1st floor of the Main Library.

19th Century Masterfile (Poole's Plus)
An index which identifies where articles were published by topic in 19th century magazines, the New York Times and several other newspapers. After searching this index, go to the library's catalog, look up the magazine's title and find the call number for the magazine in the library. When searching 19th Century Masterfile, remember to think about what terms were used in the 19th century. e.g. "Negro" for "Black" or "African American."

Making of America
Digitized collections of 19th century magazines and newspapers.

Web Resources

American Memory Project
Frederick Douglass Papers
Abraham Lincoln Papers

African American Odessy
Civil War Maps
Civil War Photographs
Born in Slavery; Slave Narratives
Impeachment Trial of Andrew Johnson

Slaves and the Courts: 1740-1860
Praire Settlement, Nebraska Photographs and Family Letters, 1862-1912
Railroad Maps, 1820-1900
Evolution of the Conservation Movement 1850-1920

Documenting The American South
Includes personal stories from the colonial period to the end of the 19th century.

The War of the Rebellion: a Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies
A massive collection of records including reports for the various military units, letters, newspaper accounts, decscription of battles and preparations for battles that is fully searchable. The UA library has paper copies of this also (if you prefer) at W45.5 Government Documents in 130 volumes.

Civil Unrest in Camilla Georgia: Reconstruction, Republicanism and Race, 1868
Documentary material about a riot against reconstruction activities.

American Civil War Collection

North American Women's Letters and Diaries, Colonial to 1950
This file is searchable by date, topic, and name.

Images of African Americans from the 19th Century

AMDOCS : documents for the study of American history
Full-text of famous speeches and proclimations. Organized by historical period - see Civil War, Reconstruction and Progressive Period.

"All aboard!"
The role of the railroads in protecting, promoting, and selling Yosemite and Yellowstone National Parks.

Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum

Valley of the Shadow
Wonderful site containing maps, letters, diaries, and other primary sources from the Civil War period from two adjoining counties - one in Pennsylvania and one in Virginia. You can compare and contrast life in the North and life in the South.

Women and the Fredman's Aid Movement, 1863-1870

Finding Articles from Secondary Sources (good for background and lists of primary sources)

American History & Life
An excellent source for finding articles about American history. In some cases there are links to full text of the articles. In other cases, you will need to find the journal in the UA library by looking up the journal title in the catalog.

Finding Writings by Important People in the Catalog
SABIO Catalog
For items written by someone, search the catalog for the person's name as an author.
For example: To find letters, and diaries and other items written by Robert E. Lee,

Search the author: Lee, Robert E. ( you will find several people with this name, but the General in the Civil War's name will be Lee, Robert E. (Robert Edward), 1807-1870.

For books about an individual, search that person's name in the catalog by Subject


How To Write A Citation
How to cite an online reference.

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