• Annotated Bibliography of Evaluating the Educational Impact of Digital Libraries

      Giersch, Sarah; Butcher, Kirsten; Reeves, Thomas (2003)
      This annotated bibliography was commissioned to support the NSDL Evaluation Workshop (planned for October 2003) that will 1) explore the issues around evaluating the impact of digital libraries on education and that will 2) begin developing a strategy to evaluate the impact of the National Science Digital Library (NSDL) on STEM education. The bibliographyâ s purpose, then, is to identify research to date on evaluating the impact of digital libraries on learning and teaching. It contains a Summary & Analysis section, which defines terms, makes observations about the literature, reviews the resources included, highlights issues, and suggests areas for further consideration. The Annotated Bibliography is organized alphabetically. Details about each resource include: a citation; the abstract provided with each resource; a summary, if necessary, to highlight relevant ideas not expressed in the abstract; and, a comment section with a short analysis of the resource. The annotations are followed by a description of the Methodology used to compile this document.