• Blogging the future: Theory and use of web logs to enhance library information services.

      Cordes, Christopher Sean (2004)
      Digital resources are becoming a common medium to address patron and library staff needs. There are a number of means and applications used to satisfy information demands. These include digital reference materials, and the reference persons that provide access to these objects, information and instruction web sites and, multi-media applications and displays. These applications provide a fairly thorough means for meeting the information demands of faculty, staff, and patrons. But there are some information needs relating to complex, implicit, or specialized knowledge that arenâ t readily addressed end-to-end by typical information publishing and knowledge management and instructional methods. This paper uses information theory principles to provide a framework for identifying some of the limitations of current information delivery methods in terms of their relevance to modern library reference and information services. In addition there is an explanation of blog technology, with suggestions for enhancing library information services. Last, some cautions for using blogs is discussed.
    • Monsters in the closet: Measures for Spyware awareness and prevention

      Cordes, Christopher Sean (2004-10)
      Known collectively as Spyware, some internet technologies and delivery methods, many legal and free, can wreak havoc on the best laid of technology programs and plans. But what is Spyware, what does it do, and how can you prevent it from affecting your library's operations?