• Full-Text Aggregation: An Examination Metadata Accuracy And the Implications For Resource Sharing

      Cummings, Joel (2003)
      The author conducted a study comparing of two lists of full-text content available in Academic Search Full-Text Elite. EBSCO provided the lists to the University College of the Fraser Valley. The study was conducted to compare the accuracy of the claims of full-text content, because the staff and library users at University College of the Fraser Valley depend on this database as part of the librariesâ journal collection. Interlibrary loan staff routinely used a printed list of Academic Search Full Text Elite to check whether the journal was available at UCFV in electronic form; therefore, an accurate supplemental list or lists of the libraries electronic journals was essential for cost conscious interlibrary loan staff. The study found inaccuracies in the coverage of 57 percent of the journals sampled.