• Continuing education programmes of Library & Information Science (LIS) professionals in the Universities of West Bengal (India) with special reference to the University of Calcutta

      Dasgupta, Arjun; Satpathi, Jatindra Nath; Khoo, C.; Singh, D.; Chaudhry, A.S. (School of Communication & Information, Nanyang Technological University, 2006)
      The paper starts with the need of Continuing Education for the LIS professionals in this modern era of information and technology. It narrates the activities of Continuing Education and Professional Development (CEPD) in different developed and developing countries of the world. It enumerates the role of various associations and institutions of India such as ILA, IASLIC, BLA IIMs, ICSSR, AIIMS, which are actively connected with programmes of continuing education. The authors highlight some of the universities and academic institutions of our country which have centres and departments of continu-ing education & critically analyze the work and activities of eight universities of West Bengal based on survey work. The paper suggests some measures to improve the existing conditions and status of con-tinuing education programmes for the university-library professionals of West Bengal.