Deka, Dipen (INFLIBNET, 2006)
      Advances in Information Communication Technology (ICT) has created immense methods for creating, storing, maintaining, accessing and preserving the traditional printed documents in digital form. The different publishers have taken the full advantage of publishing the research outputs of the academicians and deprive the institutions and the community of the institution from the research outputs. This paper explores the importance of Institutional Repository (IR) and the role of the Open Source Software (OSS) in building the Institutional Repository of any institution. To publish and serve the community of an institution building institutional repositories is the most feasible solution. We have to take the help of some special software packages to build up an institutional repository and the role of open source software in this regard is very important. The institutions which are economically not strong enough can take the advantage of usingopen source software to build up their own institutional repository and can expose their knowledge stock to the world.
    • Starting a Digitization Project: Basic Requirements

      Deka, Dipen; Lahkar, Dr. Narendra (Assam College Librarians' Association, 2008-11)
      Digitization of the resources of the libraries and the information centres has become very essential for preservation as well as better access of the resources. Here an overview has been given about the basic requirements needed to start a digitization project. These include the hardwares and the softwares and some of the important technical issues.