Bejoy, B.J.; Paramasivan, B.; Department of CSE, P.S.R Engineering College, Sivakasi, Virudhunagar dist, Tamilnadu, India; Department of CSE, National Engineering College, Kovilpatti, Thoothukudi dist, Tamilnadu, India (IJCSN Journal, 2012-06-01)
      Wireless sensor network is a special form of wireless networks dedicated to surveillance and monitoring applications Reliability in wireless sensor network is application specific. The specific form of reliability might change from application to application. Our idea is to generate reliability based transport protocol that is customizable to meet the needs of emerging reliable data applications in sensor networks and is also adaptive when the nodes are mobile. In our approach, clusters are formed for minimizing energy dissipation. The nodes maintain a neighbor list to forward data and any changes in the local topology can trigger updates to a node’s neighbor list. If a node notices that its neighbor list has changed, it can spontaneously re-advertise all of its data thus providing reliable transport in mobility conditions also. Our approach has five phases-setup, relaying, relay initiated error recovery, selective status reporting and node supervising. Our simulation results prove that the proposed approach can outperform existing related techniques and is highly responsive to the various error and mobility conditions experienced in sensor networks.