• VirusPKT: A Search Tool For Assimilating Assorted Acquaintance For Viruses

      Jayanthi Manicassamy; P. Dhavachelvan; Department of Computer Science / Pondicherry University (Engg Journals Publications, 2009-11)
      Viruses utilize various means to circumvent the immune detection in the biological systems. Several mathematical models have been investigated for the description of viral dynamics in the biological system of human and various other species. One common strategy for evasion and recognition of viruses is, through acquaintance in the systems by means of search engines. In this perspective a search tool have been developed to provide a wider comprehension about the structure and other details on viruses which have been narrated in this paper. This provides an adequate knowledge in evolution and building of viruses, its functions through information extraction from various websites. Apart from this, tool aim to automate the activities associated with it in a self-maintainable, selfsustainable, proactive one which has been evaluated through analysis made and have been discussed in this paper.