• The Academic Web Link Database Project

      Thelwall, Mike; Binns, Ray; Harries, Gareth; Page-Kennedy, Teresa; Li, Xuemei; Musgrove, Peter; Price, Liz; Wilkinson, David (2002)
      This project was created in response to the need for research into web links: including web link mining, and the creation of link metrics. It is aimed at providing the raw data and software for researchers to analyse link structures without having to rely upon commercial search engines, and without having to run their own web crawler. This site will contain all of the following. *Complete databases of link structures of collections of academic web sites. *Files of summary statistics about the link databases. *Software tools for researchers to extract the information that they are particularly interested in. *Descriptions of the methodologies used to crawl the web so that the information provided can be critically evaluated. *Files of information used in the web crawling process.