• Web Metrics Bibliography

      Coleman, Anita Sundaram; Neuhaus, Chris (2004)
      A review of the literature reveals that web metrics is a complex topic that can be found under many different terms and phrases: e-metrics, web site traffic measurement, web usage, web mining, online consumer/usage behavior, are just a few. Data mining, web analytics, knowledge data discovery, informetrics (bibliometrics and web-o-metrics) and business analytics are also relevant. â Metricsâ are measures and â analyticsâ are measurements of information, processes and data analysis from processes but web analytics is also becoming synonymous for e-metrics and web metrics. â Verticalizationâ is one of the newest trends in business web analytics/metrics; this means not just web traffic logging and analysis but has been broadened to include understanding and predicting customer behavior and customer relationship management. â Personalizationâ is considered fundamental to improving customer motivation, satisfaction and retention. What is the potential of web metrics for understanding educational use of the NSDL and measuring educational impact? As Einstein said, â Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.â What do we want to count for the NSDL how, and why? These are the questions that have motivated the creation of this bibliography. We hope it will be a useful starting point and reference document as we begin framing a plan of action for the NSDL in this important area. Status: This bibliography is a work in progress. When it is completed (target date: 08/30/04) it will be a selective, annotated bibliography on web metrics. Currently, the abstracts in this bibliography are often taken directly from the source articles or websites and are not annotations. Books and journals dealing with this topic are not yet included (with one exception); we plan to include at least other texts and journals in the final version. Acknowledgments: Chris Neuhaus jumpstarted this bibliography and Anita conducted a literature search in databases such as the ACM Digital Library besides editing it. In addition, we found the statements of the Webmetrics Workshop participants most helpful in preparing this bibliography and some of the references in the statements have been included here. We also acknowledge the labor of Shawn Nelson, SIRLS, University of Arizona, in locating the abstracts and articles/items listed in this bibliography. Your feedback and comments (especially critical comments and reader annotations about any of the items) will help to improve this selective, annotative bibliography and are greatly encouraged. Version: This is version 2 of the bibliography prepared by volunteers of the Educational Impact and Evaluation Standing Committee for the NSDL Webmetrics Workshop ( a joint workshop of the Technology Standing Committee and the EIESC), Aug. 2-3, Costa Mesa, CA. This version adds two tools mentioned at the workshop and includes citations to two papers that were distributed at the workshop as well. Version 1 of the bibliography, also a volunteer effort, was distributed as a paper copy to the 26 participants of the workshop. For details about the workshop, visit http://webmetrics.comm.nsdl.org/. This bibliography is being made available through DLIST, http://dlist.sir.arizona.edu/.