• Do Information Professionals Use Research Published in LIS Journals?

      Turner, Kathleen J. (2002)
      This paper is a précis of a research project conducted in March 2001 for the Master of Library and Information Studies at New Zealandâ s Victoria University of Wellington. The project investigated the perceptions of information professionals (denoting qualified practitioners) in New Zealand regarding applied LIS (Library and Information Studies) research. It was hoped the findings would direct the future production of such research in a way that might promote its use. The project assessed the local situation and attempted to redress an imbalance in the literature created by previous studies focusing on the production, rather than consultation, of LIS research by the practising community. Project participants were asked to indicate their amount of research use; their motivations for and against consulting the research; and their opinions concerning the relationship between LIS research and practice, and how it might be improved. Amounts of research consultation were compared with the following participant variables: Library / information qualifications; Experience, indicated by number of years / months in current position; Library / information centre size; Organisational context of the library / information centre; Involvement in professional activities such as conferences. Anyone wishing to read the original research paper is welcome to contact me using the following email address: kat.turner@library.otago.ac.nz