• High energy physics R&D productivity of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre as reflected in the e-Print Archives holdings of SLAC

      Prakasan, E.R.; Tara Ashok, *; Lalit Mohan, *; Singh, Sanjay Kumar; Rane, Madhuri; Nabar, Gita; Upadhye, R.P.; Mandal, Minati; Tiwari, Shalini; Gudekar, H.D.; et al. (2004-07)
      Contribution of the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) to the e-Print Archive services of Stanford Linear Accelerator Center in the field of High Energy Physics (HEP) on Internet is the main focus of the study. E-Print Archives where BARC is at least one of the affiliation of authors are downloaded from the site â http://www.slac.stanford.edu/spires/hep/â (297 records as on November 2002) and analysed based on some bibliometric parameters. The study lead to some of the results like most productive high energy physicists, author collaboration pattern, institutional collaboration pattern both international and national, preference of publication types by HEP scientists, core journals in which scientists preferred to publish their articles, inclusion of the records in two well known databases INIS and INSPEC where high energy physics related publications are likely to occur, citations received in Science Citation Index (SCI) of ISI and the HEP database itself and key areas of research through keyword analysis. In addition to that highlight the e-print archive services are additional bibliographic sources for HEP scientists.