• Real Time Health Monitoring Using GPRS Technology

      Verulkar, Shubhangi M.; Limkar, Maruti; EXTC Department, K.C. College of Engg., Nerul, Mumbai University.; Electronics Department, Terna College of Engg., Nerul, Mumbai University (IJCSN Journal, 2012-06-01)
      Advances in sensor technology, personal mobile devices, and wireless broadband communications are enabling the development of an integrated personal mobile health monitoring system that can provide patients with a useful tool to assess their own health and manage their personal health information anytime and anywhere. Personal mobile devices, such as PDAs and mobile phones, are becoming more powerful integrated information management tools and play a major role in many people's lives. Here I focus on designing a Mobile health-monitoring system for people who stay alone at home or suffering from Heart Disease. This system presents a complete unified and mobile platform based connectivity solution for unobtrusive health monitoring. Developing a hardware which will sense heart rate and temperature of a patient, using Bluetooth modem all information lively transmitted to smart phone, from smart phone all information transmitted to server using GPRS. At server the received data compared with the standard threshold minimum and maximum value. The normal range of heart rate is 60 to 135 and the temperature of the patient is said to be normal above 95^F and below 104^F. If at all the rate increases above 145 or decreases below 55,it may be fatal and if it crossed this threshold limit then SMS will be sent to the relative of patient and Doctors along with measured values. The build-in GPS further provides the position information of the monitored person. The remote server not only collects physiological measurements but also tracks the position of the monitored person in real time. For transmitting data from Smartphone to the server using GPRS, here we need to create a website on data will be continuously transmitted from Smartphone to the website and from website data will be downloaded continuously on the server. Thus the system helps in tracking down the patient without getting the patient into any sort of communication. Undue mishaps can be avoided within the golden hours after a patient is struck with a heart attack.