• Collaboration Services in a Participatory Digital Library: An Emerging Design

      Sonnenwald, Diane H.; Marchionini, Gary; Wildemuth, Barbara M.; Dempsey, Bert J.; Viles, Charles R.; Tibbo, Helen R.; Smith, John B. (1999)
      Digital libraries need to provide and extend traditional library services in the digital environment. This paper presents a project that will provide and extend library services through the development of a sharium-a workspace with rich content and powerful tools where people can collaborate with others or work independently to explore information resources, learn, and solve their information problems. A sharium is a learning environment that combines the features of a collaboratory, where people collectively engage in research by sharing rich information resources, and a local library, where people come to meet, find information resources, and discuss common interests. To achieve this, collaboration services that build on synchronous and asynchronous communication technology should be integrated with other digital library services, including searching, browsing, and information management and authoring services. This paper presents our motivation for providing collaboration services and describes the types of collaboration services that will be included in the digital library.