• The Core: Digital Library Education in Library and Information Science Programs

      Pomerantz, Jeffrey; Oh, Sanghee; Yang, Seungwon; Fox, Edward A.; Wildemuth, Barbara M. (2006-11)
      This paper identifies the "state of the art" in digital library education in Library and Information Science programs, by identifying the readings that are assigned in digital library courses and the topics of these readings. The most frequently-assigned readings are identified at multiple units of analysis, as are the topics on which readings are most frequently assigned. While no core set of readings emerged, there was significant consensus on the authors to be included in digital library course reading assignments, as well as the topics to be covered. Implications for the range of assigned readings and topics for digital library education in library science education are discussed.
    • Curriculum Development for Digital Libraries

      Pomerantz, Jeffrey; Wildemuth, Barbara M.; Yang, Seungwon; Fox, Edward A. (Association for Computing Machinery, 2006)
      The Virginia Tech Department of Computer Science (VT CS) and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Information and Library Science (UNC SILS) have launched a curriculum development project in the area of digital libraries. Educational resources will be developed based on the Computing Curriculum 2001. Lesson plans and modules will be developed in a variety of areas (that cover the topics of papers and conference sessions in the field), evaluated by experts in those areas, and then pilot tested in CS and LIS courses. The authors are seeking instructors, schools, and departments interested in developing, implementing, and/or evaluating these educational materials.