• Status quo and problem discussion on Chinese postgraduate education in the field of library and information science [in Chinese]

      Ye, Fred Y.; Khoo, C.; Singh, D.; Chaudhry, A.S. (School of Communication & Information, Nanyang Technological University, 2006)
      The system of Chinese postgraduate education of library and information science is comprised of doctoral and masterâ s programs distributed in mainland China, Taiwan and Hongkong. In mainland China, there are 9 doctoral programs of library science and 8 doctoral programs of information science, about 30 masterâ s programs of library science and 50 masterâ s programs of information science. In Taiwan, there are 1 doctoral program and 8 masterâ s programs. And in Hongkong, there is only 1 masterâ s program. Two main problems exist in the system, which are lack of authorization for degree award and qualification for professionals. The suggestions for improvement are proposed.