• Intelligent internet searching agent based on hybrid simulated annealing

      Yang, Christopher C.; Yen, Jerome; Chen, Hsinchun (Elsevier, 2000)
      The World-Wide Web WWW based Internet services have become a major channel for information delivery. For the same reason, information overload also has become a serious problem to the users of such services. It has been estimated that the amount of information stored on the Internet doubled every 18 months. The speed of increase of homepages can be even faster, some people estimated that it doubled every 6 months. Therefore, a scalable approach to support Internet searching is critical to the success of Internet services and other current or future National Information Infrastructure NII applications. In this paper, we discuss a modified version of simulated annealing algorithm to develop an intelligent personal spider agent, which is based on automatic textual analysis of the Internet documents and hybrid simulated annealing.
    • Toward Intelligent Meeting Agents

      Chen, Hsinchun; Houston, Andrea L.; Yen, Jerome; Nunamaker, Jay F. (IEEE, 1996-08)
      An experiment with an AI-based software agent shows that it can help users organize and consolidate ideas from electronic brainstorming. The agent recalled concepts as effectively as experienced human meeting facilitators and in a fifth of the time.