• Comparison of Two Approaches to Building a Vertical Search Tool: A Case Study in the Nanotechnology Domain

      Chau, Michael; Chen, Hsinchun; Qin, Jailun; Zhou, Yilu; Qin, Yi; Sung, Wai-Ki; McDonald, Daniel M. (ACM/IEEE-CS, 2002)
      As the Web has been growing exponentially, it has become increasingly difficult to search for desired information. In recent years, many domain-specific (vertical) search tools have been developed to serve the information needs of specific fields. This paper describes two approaches to building a domain-specific search tool. We report our experience in building two different tools in the nanotechnology domain - (1) a server-side search engine, and (2) a client-side search agent. The designs of the two search systems are presented and discussed, and their strengths and weaknesses are compared. Some future research directions are also discussed.
    • NanoPort: A Web Portal for Nanoscale Science and Technology

      Chau, Michael; Chen, Hsinchun; Qin, Jailun; Zhou, Yilu; Sung, Wai-Ki; Chen, Mark; Qin, Yi; McDonald, Daniel M.; Lally, Ann M. (ACM/IEEE-CS, 2002)
      Areas related to nanotechnology, or nanoscale science and engineering (NSSE), have experienced tremendous growth over the past few years. While there are a large variety of useful resources available on the Web, such information are usually distributed and difficult to locate, resulting in the problem of information overload. To address the problem, we developed the NanoPort system, an integrated Web portal aiming to provide a one-stop shopping service to satisfy the information needs of researchers and practitioners in the field of NSSE [1]. We believe that the approaches taken also can be applied to other domains.