• A Virtual Hyperbooks Model to Support Collaborative Learning

      Falquet, Gilles; Ziswiler, Jean-Claude; Aleven, Vincent; Hoppe, Ulrich; Kay, Judy; Mizoguchi, Riichiro; Pain, Helen; Verdejo, Felisa; Yacef, Kalina (University of Sydney, 2003)
      Learning by collaboratively writing scientific hyperbooks requires specific software tools. We present a model for creating, managing, and viewing hyperbooks. This model is comprised of a re-usable document repository (fragments repository), connected to a domain ontology. The model takes into account the notion of point of view, allowing a user to read the hyperbook according to a specific reading objective or to his or her profile. The model also includes an interface specification language for the creating different hypertext views of the hyperbook contents. The hyperbook model we propose is an example of virtual document model because the hyperdocuments the reader/writer actually sees are not stored but generated by assembling stored fragments according to an interface specification A purely declarative language allows the definition of the views that make up the interface of the hyperbook. We also present the architecture of a hyperbook management system which is based on a database management system and a hypertext view generation system for databases.