• A Scientometric Study on Buffalo Research in India and Pakistan: A Profile based on CAB Direct Online

      Rathinasabapathy, G; Rajendran, L; Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (e-Science World, 2010)
      This paper intends to observe and compare the R&D output on ‘Buffaloes’ by the researchers in India and Pakistan. The chosen study period is 55 years (1955-2009) and CAB Direct Online is the source database for this research. During the period (1955 – 2009) a total of 9,096 and 706 publications were published by the scientists of India and Pakistan respectively on buffalo research and India is the top producing country with 9,096 papers (92.80%) followed by Pakistan with 706 papers (7.20%). The average number of publications published per year by India and Pakistan were 165 and 12 respectively. The spurt in the literature output of India and Pakistan were reported during 2001-2009 and 1991-2000 respectively. The study also reports the most preferred journals and most productive authors in India and Pakistan. This study also provides an inventory and scientometric dimensions of publications on buffalo research by India and Pakistan.
    • Web-based Digital Resources for Small Animal Medicine Professionals

      Rathinasabapathy, G; Rajendran, L; Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (e-Science World, 2009)
      The Internet which is also known as ‘Information Superhighway’, ‘Global Information Infrastructure’, ‘Cyberspace’, ‘Hyperspace’ etc., connects millions of computers in a web and makes almost immediate communication possible, irrespective of the location of its users. The Internet provides huge resources that are useful for veterinary and animal science professionals and the amount of accessible veterinary medicine information is increasing rapidly. Ideally, this could provide a formidable opportunity for Veterinarians to exchange and process veterinary medicine information with colleagues around the world from their desktop. Though the Internet offers virtually unlimited amount of information related to small animal medicine and surgery and provides a number of tools to access, it is useful in at least three aspects related to veterinary medicine and surgery viz., communication, education and research. This paper attempts to profile such important digital knowledge resources useful for small animal veterinary medicine professionals.