• Collection Development in the Syllabus of Library and Information Science: An International Comparative Analysis

      Pérez-López, Ana; Pérez-López, Ana (University of Granade: Faculty of Library and Information Science, 2000)
      [English abstract]The objective of this work is to show the present state of education as far as collection development , in the new technological environment in which we are immersed, besides of informig about the results of a study carried out in the international scope of faculties and departments of Library and Information Science (LIS) through their Web pages, by means of the revision as much of the courses that contemplate the education of collection development , as of the specific syllabus. The results of the study indicate that, at the present time, the English-speaking countries are those that offer specialized courses developing collection and those that have their education integrated in the syllabus. In most of cases, education one takes place within the second cycle and with prerequirements for inscription. On the contrary, mainly in many Schools and Faculties of Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa, the index of specific courses on collection development is very low. Another new field that also is approached in this work is education of virtual library providing data of the proposed courses in the universities visited, since, in their contents it always appears collection development.