• Electronic Commerce and Digital Libraries

      Houston, Andrea L.; Chen, Hsinchun; Shaw, M.; Blanning, B.; Strader, T.; Whinston, A. (2000)
      In this chapter we discuss digital libraries from an electronic commerce perspective. The focus is on what the two have in common. The first section is an introduction which discuses some of the impacts that digital libraries and electronic commerce have had on our lives. The second section discusses common driving forces behind the two. The next section discusses common challenges, with an emphasis on the digital library perspective. The fourth section discusses several common issues, in particular, social, legal, quality, security and economic issues that both digital libraries and electronic commerce must address. The discussion in the fourth section primarily presents a digital library perspective, although the issu-es are important to both digital libraries and electronic commerce. Finally, the chapter closes with a conclusion.
    • Intelligent Software Agents for Electronic Commerce

      Chen, Kristin M.; Chen, Hsinchun; Shaw, M.; Blanning, B.; Strader, T.; Whinston, A. (Springer, 2000)
      Electronic commerce (EC) and software agents are two of the hottest fields of research in information science. As the Internet is rapidly becomes a popular marketplace for consumers and sellers of goods and services, combining these two research areas offers lucrative opportunities both for businesses wishing to conduct transactions over the World Wide Web (WWW) and for developers of tools to facilitate this trend. The focus in this chapter will be on software agents specifically designed for electronic commerce activities. We will briefly describe the history of agent research in general, defining characteristics of agents, and will touch on the different types of agents. Following this introduction we will describe the learning and action mechanisms that make it possible for agents to perform tasks. Finally, we will describe the issues associated with the deployment of electronic commerce agents (ECAs).