• Information Visualization for Collaborative Computing

      Chen, Hsinchun; Nunamaker, Jay F.; Orwig, Richard E.; Titkova, Olga (IEEE, 1998-08)
      A prototype tool classifies output from an electronic meeting system into a manageable list of concepts, topics, or issues that a group can further evaluate. In an experiment with output from GroupSystems electronic meeting system, the tool's recall ability was comparable to that of a human facilitator, but took roughly a sixth of the time.
    • Toward Intelligent Meeting Agents

      Chen, Hsinchun; Houston, Andrea L.; Yen, Jerome; Nunamaker, Jay F. (IEEE, 1996-08)
      An experiment with an AI-based software agent shows that it can help users organize and consolidate ideas from electronic brainstorming. The agent recalled concepts as effectively as experienced human meeting facilitators and in a fifth of the time.