• Digital Libraries: Technological Advances and Social Impacts

      Schatz, Bruce R.; Chen, Hsinchun (IEEE, 1999-02)
      Public awareness of the Net as a critical infrastructure in the 1990s has spurred a new revolution in the technologies for information retrieval in digital libraries.
    • Federated Search of Scientific Literature

      Schatz, Bruce R.; Mischo, William; Cole, Timothy; Bishop, Ann Peterson; Harum, Susan; Johnson, Eric H.; Neumann, Laura; Chen, Hsinchun; Ng, Tobun Dorbin (IEEE, 1999-02)
      The Digital Libraries Initiative (DLI) project at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) was one of six sponsored by the NSF, DARPA, and NASA from 1994 through 1998. Our goal was to develop widely usable Web technology to effectively search technical documents on the Internet. We concentrated on building the experimental Illinois DLI Testbed with tens of thousands of full-text journal articles from physics, engineering, and computer science, and on making these articles available over the Internet before they are available in print. Our DLI Testbed used document structure to provide federated search across publisher collections, by merging diverse tags from multiple publishers into a single uniform collection. Our sociology research evaluated the usage of the DLI Testbed by more than a thousand UIUC faculty and students. Our technology research moved beyond document structure to document semantics, testing contextual indexing of document content on millions of documents.