• UDC in Czechia

      Balikova, Marie; Cordeiro, Maria Inês (UDC Consortium, 2007)
      UDC is widely used in all types of libraries in the Czech Republic (Czechia). The classification plays an important role in the National Library as well as the entire library information network. It is central to the subject authority file of the National Library of the Czech Republic (NL CR) and its bibliographic services. The author explains the importance and potential of UDC use online especially in a multilingual context and illustrates this with examples from the national union catalogue, the Czech Uniform Information Gateway (UIG), the Multilingual Subject Access to Library Catalogues (MSAC) system and the Multilingual Content Aggregation System (M-CAST) projects. The advantages of using UDC in improving precision and recall are explained using the M-CASt system.