• Web Portal for Resource Sharing Among Medical Libraries in India

      Rathinasabapathy, G.; Ambuja, A; Raghavan, K. S.; Seetharama, S. (Medical Library Association of India & University of Madras, 2004)
      Human health care is heavily depending on the timely access to medical informtion. Since the serials/journals cover research and development news in the form of scientific articles, news items, new result of research, etc., meant for scientific community, the are proven prestigous communication vehicle amongst the scientists in the world. But, a number of surveys revealed that most relevant and frequently required medical journals are not available in most of the medical libraries in India. At present, there is no any union catalogue of medical periodicals available in India. Under the circumstances, this paper provides a conceptual plan of designing a web portal for sharing periodical holding details among medical libraries in India.