• Librametric mapping of the "libraries, archives & information technology" R & D during 1970-1990

      Kalyane, V.L.; Sagar, Anil; Kumar, Anil; Kumar, Vijai; Lalit, Mohan; Prakasan, E.R. (2003)
      The bibliography: 'Libraries, Archives & Information Technology' consisting 5802 publications during the period 1970-1990 encompassing (i) literature originated and published in India; (ii) literature published by Indians in foreign countries; (iii) literature published by foreign professionals on India; and (iv) literature of general interest on South Asia and developing countries was quantified domainwise. Sub-domain-wise productivity variations were illustrated. Prominent 15 authors were identified by documenting their contributions to various domains, and collaboration sociometry has been depicted. Most productive 15 journals were identified, out of the 327 journals having 3533 articles, and domainwise contributions were tabulated. Growth was visualized for number of articles per year in the highly productive five journals.