• LIS education in India: Emerging paradigms, challenges and propositions in the digital era

      Mahapatra, Gayatri; Khoo, C.; Singh, D.; Chaudhry, A.S. (School of Communication & Information, Nanyang Technological University, 2006)
      Librarians of the 21st century have to prepare themselves for working in a networked environment and should acquire necessary skills such as leadership, exploiting information handling, communication, crisis management, team building and decision making, and so on. So, library professionals are in dire need to acquire relevant skills and expertise to track the world of information and become competent enough to serve in a digital culture. An attempt is made to project issues related to the LIS education in India and suggests some proposals in this respect based on routine features and experiences. The study proposes core elements of a curriculum and a vision of LIS education in India for the coming decade. The paper also stresses the need for revised course contents and allied challenges for readiness of Indian LIS education in the digital era.