• Information Marketing through Library Liaison Programs in India: Perspectives and Concerns

      Manalan, Jesudoss; Babu, Preedip Balaji; Rani, B.S. Swaroop (SALIS, Chennai, 2009-07)
      This paper draws upon today’s information organizations – libraries, archives and museums and how these cultural entities should be equipped to manage and usher in change, keeping pace with the fast changing web environment to realize their mission, relevance and purpose. The information services industry is undergoing a turbulent phase in our times, wherein the information is produced, traded, repacked, copied, reproduced, rehashed and re-sold. While information products and services are conveyed through conventional ways, it is the liaison program – which takes the place of classical ways of marketing by becoming the brand ambassador of ‘information marketing.’ Library liaisons are trained and engaged in such a way that they take on the role of aggressive salesman to marshal information and to promote the library services and information literacy. It also examines the role of librarians in the emerging digital economy to envisage and foster academic and research activities in learning organizations through library liaisons maximizing better results as a knowledge nerve centre.