• BSO - General Ordering Scheme

      Maricic, Sinisa; Nacionalna i sveučilišna knjižnica (National and University Library), Zagreb, Croatia (Jugoslovenski bibliografski institut, Beograd, 39-51., 1986-11)
    • Scholarly Journals From Science Periphery - Towards A Common Methodology For Evaluating Their Scientific Communicability?

      Maricic, Sinisa (2002)
      It is proposed in this article that scholarly journals from the science periphery can (and should) be assessed by their scientific communicability. The objective is to review the literature comprehensively and critically in order to suggest a simple method for reliable "stratification" of journals from the most to least appropriate for public funding support and for inclusion in international databases. The emphasis is on the neglected (Francis Narin's) principle of evaluation indeterminacy and on (Michael Moravcsik's) a strategy to bridge the communication gap between the mainstream and peripheral science communities.