• How Much of It is Real? Analysis of Paid Placement in Web Search Engine Results

      Nicholson, Scott; Sierra, Tito; Eseryel, U. Yeliz; Park, Ji-Hong; Barkow, Philip; Pozo, Erika J.; Wan, Yunzhen "Jane" (2005)
      Most Web search tools integrate sponsored results with results from their internal editorial database in providing results to users. The goal of this research is to get a better idea of how much of the screen real estate displays â realâ editorial results as compared to sponsored results. The overall average results are that 40% of all results presented on the first screen are â realâ results, and when the entire first Web page is considered, 67% of the results are non-sponsored results. For general search tools like Google, 56% of the first screen and 82% of the first Web page contain non-sponsored results. Other results include that query structure makes a significant difference in the percentage of non-sponsored results returned by a search. Similarly, the topic of the query can also have a significant effect on the percentage of sponsored results displayed by most Web search tools.