• New education and school library: Experience of half a century

      Ranganathan, S. R. (Vikas Publishing (Delhi, India), 1973)
      This is the last book written by S.R. Ranganathan printed in 1973 (India) based on his experience during the last fifty years. It includes a Foreword to Editition 1 (1942) by Sir John Sargent (Educational Commissioner, Govt. of India). Table of Contents: Part A - Preliminaries, Part B/E - Why of school library, Part F/J - What of school library, Part K/N - How of school library, Part P/R - Present difficulties, Part S/Y - Library techniques, Bibliography, Index. © Sarada Ranganathan Endowment for Library Science (SRELS). Permission for non-profit use granted by SRELS. To purchase reprints of this work, please visit Ess Ess Publications at http://www.essessreference.com/.