• ROLE OF COLLEGE LIBRARIES IN CAREER GUIDANCE A Study of Government and Autonomous Colleges Affiliated to Andhra University

      Moly; Assistant Professor, Haramaya University, Ethiopia (2012-02-03)
      Libraries can play a much important role in imparting career guidance. In formal education, library is described as ‘heart of education’. The library system in higher education is committed to provide independent learning environment to student. From the book houses the libraries have gone to an individual residence to share the shelves of knowledge. Therefore, it can be inferred that the success of career guidance in educational institutions depends upon the efficient library system. Therefore the system of education has to take care of strengthening the library system and thus disseminate career information. Librarians with their abilities in knowledge organization and dissemination skills can play a profound and enduring role in encouraging and assisting young people to follow their hearts and to pursue their dreams. In developing countries like India college librarians can play a major role in the career development of the youth who comes to the library for guidance and support in their study and to prepare for their future career opportunities.