• You Can Lead a Horse to Water: Teacher Development and Use of Digital Library Resources

      Recker, Mimi; Dorward, Jim; Dawson, Deonne; Halioris, Sam; Liu, Ye; Mao, Xin; Palmer, Bart; Park, Jaeyang (Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), 2005)
      This article presents findings from approximately 150 users who created instructional projects using educational digital library resources. One hundred of these users were teachers participating in professional development workshops on the topic of digital libraries. Our iterative approach to tool and workshop development and implementation was based on a framework that characterizes several input, output, and process variables affecting dissemination of such technologies in educational contexts. Data sources involved a mix of qualitative and quantitative methods, including electronic surveys, interviews, participant observations, and server log file and artifact analyses. These multiple and complementary levels of analyses reveal that despite teachers reporting great value in learning resources and educational digital libraries, significant and lasting impact on teaching practice remains difficult to obtain.
    • Youth Services in an Electronic Environment

      Higgins, Susan Ellen; Gorman, Gary (University of Wellington Press, 2001)
      This article explores the issue of teaching youth to use computers in the instructional environment. It particularly talks about web-assisted learning for children.