• Some remarks on markedness hierarchies: a reply to Aissen 1999 and 2003

      Carnie, Andrew; University of Arizona (University of Arizona Linguistics Circle, 2005)
      This short squib examines some problems with the Markedness Hierarchy approach of Aissen (1993, 2003) with respect to case and agreement marking systems. It argues that this approach, based on overt morphological exponence of marked forms both misses important Markedness relations that are not expressed morphologically, and fails to account for certain morphological patterns.
    • Tree maximization and the generalized extended projection principle

      Carnie, Andrew; Medeiros, David; University of Arizona (University of Arizona Linguistics Circle, 2005)
      In this paper we argue that a number of unexplained and stipulative properties of the grammar (such as the Generalized Extended Projection Principle, Binary Branching, Labeling) find a functional explanation, if we view them as correlates of a general desire for the grammar to maximize trees in such a way that they result in a Fibonacci-like sequence of maximal categories.