• Rural Resettlement in an Arid Frontier: Agricultural Development in Northwest India

      Stanbury, Pamela (University of Arizona, Department of Anthropology, 1983)
      This paper presents some results of recent fieldwork conducted in northwest India. The focus is the impact of agricultural development on a frontier agricultural region. The study area is part of the northern fringe of the Thar desert on the southern Haryana/Rajasthan border. Until 30 years ago, this region was considered only marginally. productive agriculturally and maintained a small scattered population. Irrigated agriculture has trickled into the region. Along with it, substantial growth in the form of spontaneous population in—migration and new economic opportunities has occurred. The following explores some demographic and social consequences of spontaneous migration, with particular emphasis on one village in this region.
    • Species of Hominids

      Marks, Jon (University of Arizona, Department of Anthropology, 1983)