• Knowledge is Empowering Utilizing 21st Century Library Services to Build Annotated Bibliographic Databases that Connect Native American Communities with Environmental Health Information

      Ruddle, David (2013-11-08)
      Is it possible for a student to create an information resource that helps someone in need? In a two month span, the student author conducted research into the availability of environmental articles and collected over 250 academic papers and grey literature. Library tools and services provided by The University of Arizona Libraries on Southwestern Environmental and Health Issues specifically targeting Native American communities were used to near exclusivity. Locating articles for the database was done quicker than expected by a Library Science student (the author) who had some previous familiarity with academic databases such as PubMED™ and Web of Science™. The database itself was designed in Drupal as a Deep Web (not public) Internet project and completed before schedule. Over the course of this research it was discovered that by properly utilizing library resources its possible for motivated students at the collegiate level to create a database of articles that could aid underserved groups with their understanding of desired specialized issues.