• The fate and transport of organics during rapid infiltration of municipal wastewater

      Amy, Gary L.; Aamodt, Eric Christian, 1961- (The University of Arizona., 1990)
      This thesis addresses the fate and transport of organic compounds during artificial recharge operations at Tucson Water's Demonstration Recharge Project Facility. Results indicate that 86% of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) and 64% of nonpurgable organic halogens (NPOX) were removed between the infiltration basin and groundwater. The bulk of removal occurred within the first 11 feet of soil. Adsorption coupled with biodegradation processes are suspected to be the primary removal mechanisms for these species. Organic halogens and lower molecular weight organic matter comprised the more mobile and refractory portion of DOC. Seventy percent of the total trihalomethanes in the wastewater were volatilized in the basin. Similar results have been reported in the literature.