• The Conservation of Cultural Routes in Saudi Arabia (The Sultani Hajj Route between Almadinah and Makkah)

      Jeffery, Brooks R.; Al Kadi, Abrar Abdullah H.; Ferguson, Thomas J.; Abdellatif, Mahmoud Ahmed (The University of Arizona., 2016)
      The Sultani Hajj Route between AlMadinah and Makkah is one of the most significant heritage properties in Saudi Arabia. However, it has not been identified or designated as a significant cultural route worthy of conservation. Hence, many significant historic elements and sites along the route are being lost or damaged. This thesis was written to use World Heritage Cultural Route criteria to identify the Sultani Hajj Route as a heritage resource worthy of conservation. The thesis reviews UNESCO guidelines and criteria for designating cultural routes on the World Heritage List (WHL), and then applies these guidelines to identify the Sultani Hajj Route for possible designation on the WHL. Based on interviews and field surveys, 77 significant historic properties associated with the Sultani Hajj Route are identified, and 12 of these heritage resources are described in detail. The goal of this thesis is to spark interest in conserving this universally valuable Saudi cultural route while acknowledging that many concerns still need to be addressed, including raising public awareness and increasing public participation in the conservation process.