• Prediction of sediment and runoff from Korisheleko Watershed

      Abegaz, Gizachew Abebe,1956-; Thames, John L.; Fogel, Martin M.; Ffolliott, Peter F. (The University of Arizona., 1986)
      An event based model for estimation of sediment yield and runoff volume showed a reasonable result when compared to the measured values. MUSLE and SCS runoff models were used to predict sediment yield and runoff volume from the Korisheleko Watershed. Parameters for the models were estimated using soil loss data from test plots, soil survey data, land use data, and topographic map of the watershed. The predicted sediment yield and runoff volume were compared with the measured values. Statistical analysis including a paired comparison test and simple regression were made to validate the MUSLE and SCS runoff models. A peak flow equation for the watershed was developed applying a Unit hydrograph principle. The developed equation was based upon common rainstorm events of 1983 with an effective rainfall duration of 30-minutes. Individual components of the models could be improved with further research and data.