• Between Two Worlds: A Phenomenological Study Of The Lived Experiences Of Asian American Transracial/Transnational Adoptees Engaging In Activism And Advocacy Work

      Henry, Kevin L.; White, Hannah Hyun; Rhoades, Gary; Assalone, Amanda; Cabrera, Nolan L. (The University of Arizona., 2019)
      Transracial adoptees blur a line between race, ethnicity, and culture—working through a space between how they identify themselves and how others perceive them. Although they are still marginalized/oppressed and seen as inferior to the dominant white race in society, they are still treated and perceived by their peers as being white. Despite the increasing number of transracial adoptees (TRA) on college campuses, numerous higher education faculty and scholars are either unfamiliar with the transracial adoptee student community or do not engage in the topic. The purpose of this study is to explore the lived experiences of Asian American transracial/transnational adoptees, and how their engagement in activism and advocacy work supports their racial identity development in finding their own sense of agency, empowerment, and resiliency, as well as the nuances and complexities that come with being an Asian American transracial adoptee.