• Ecological Design Principles For A Mixed-Use Development In Tucson, Arizona

      D'Arcy, Gerard (The University of Arizona., 2006)
      This report explores the process of designing sustainable mixed-use communities in Tucson, Arizona. It is intended as a primer for the ecological design of large buildings in a hot/arid climate region. It combines and expands on the concepts and relationships between sustainability and mixed-use development in Tucson and provides this information in order to elevate the discussion on these issues as directly related to future development of the Tucson urban core. A particular site in downtown Tucson is subject to a design proposal that responds to the city’s desire for this type of development while working in line with the current city models and ordinances. Furthermore, the final design attempts to meet the objectives for optimizing opportunities regarding the implementation of ecological design principles such as natural ventilation, natural day lighting and water conservation. The major motivation behind the following report is two fold; It illustrates the environmental condition that exists in Tucson today (physical and political) and outlines an approach to design that seeks to ensure that future generations enjoy continued access to the world’s natural resources.