• Public education programs: A study of energy conservation in Tucson, Arizona

      Chalfoun, Nadar; Gaballa, Manal Sayed, 1961- (The University of Arizona., 1996)
      This thesis is focused on residential and school energy conservation education programs in Tucson, Arizona. The major aim of the study is to determine the issues that should be considered when initiating a new energy conservation education program and/or evaluating an existing program. The methods, used in this study consist of: (1) Literature review, (2) Survey in form of questionnaire and personal interviews, and (3) Analysis of the existing energy conservation programs. The present study addresses the following objectives: (1) Analyze and evaluate selected school energy education programs, (2) Analyze and discuss the residential energy education programs, (3) Identify the effective methods used in energy conservation programs to educate the public about energy conservation techniques and, (4) Synthesize the lessons learned from evaluating energy conservation programs.