• The lived experience of surviving ovarian cancer for women in remission

      Haase, Joan E.; Slowey, Judith Ann; Haase, Jaon; Moore, Ki; Braden, Carrie (The University of Arizona., 1997)
      Living with ovarian cancer for women in remission is a complex experience. These women are faced with grave circumstances of a cancer with a poor long-term prognosis to endure, that includes physical and psychological pain , sometimes short-term but often long-lasting. The ovarian cancer survivor must become well acquainted with health care providers at the same time they experience changing relationships with family and friends . The women are forced to confront issues of mortality as a result of the threat of dying. Through the experience, with adequate sources of support, a personal , positive attitude and sense of hope emerge. The woman with ovarian cancer is a survivor. In this phenomenological study , three women living with ovarian cancer in remission were interviewed. This study revealed that this particular group of women had to decide to have the determination to fight the cancer, search for proper sources of suppqrt, and maintain a sense of hope and a positive attitude. They were also forced to contend with relationships, both good and bad , and experience anguish and apprehension in a heightened awareness of mortality. The findings from this study assist health care practitioners to better understand the women ' s lived experiences for the purpose of improving care that specifically applies to this group of individuals and their unique concerns. A thorough understanding of the unique issues experienced with ovarian cancer will enable health care professionals to individualize care, make available all possible resources, and encourage the women along their chosen paths.