• Man to machine, machine to machine and machine to instrument interfaces for teleoperation of a fluid handling laboratory

      Cellier, Francois; Hack, Byron Wallis John, 1963- (The University of Arizona., 1988)
      The purpose of this thesis is the design of the software necessary for teleoperation of a fluid handling laboratory. It does not include the implementation of this software. The laboratory for which it is designed is being developed at the University of Arizona, and is a model of the fluid handling laboratory aboard Space Station. The software includes man/machine, machine/machine, and machine/instrument interfaces. The man/machine interface is menu driven and consists of high level commands which are independent of the devices in the laboratory. The machine/machine interface is also device independent. It consists of intermediary commands and maps the commands of the man/machine interface into the low level, device dependent, commands and programs of the machine/instrument interface. Although the software is primarily designed for the model laboratory, the needs of a remotely operated fluid handling laboratory aboard Space Station have been considered.