• The Effects of the Images of Women of Color in Mainstream Hip Hop and Reggaeton on Body Satisfaction and Body Mass Index in Mexican Descent College-Age Women

      Romero, Andrea J; Hackman, Anna; Estrada, Antonio L; Carvajal, Scott C (The University of Arizona., 2009)
      There are potentially negative health impacts of women's internalization of representations of women of color in mainstream on body esteem and weight. This study explores the relationships between mainstream hip hop, body satisfaction and body mass index (BMI) in Mexican descent college-age women. The study predicts that women who regularly listen to mainstream hip hop will be more likely to internalize the images of women. Internalization will predict body satisfaction and body satisfaction will predict BMI. Sixty-five participants completed a self-report survey with these measures. Regularly listening to mainstream hip hop was associated with higher hip hop internalization. Higher internalization was associated with less body satisfaction which, in turn, was associated with a higher BMI. Thus, women who regularly listen to mainstream hip hop and who internalize the images of women seem more critical of their body, which negatively affects their weight.